At LaNigiro, there is only one aim – to bring to our customers the original mother nature of healthy food supplement to benefit themselves and their families. That is exactly the meanings of our logo.  By looking at it reversely, “ LaNigiro “ is actually from the word “ original “ .  Algae is the first microorganism living on Earth billion years ago, through Photosynthesis, removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.  We used to have a pure, green and healthy Earth…..

Don’t you agree that how the modern industrialised world has an impact on our mother Earth? 

And human who lives on the Earth, most of us already badly hurt by the pollution?  

Many people do not realise how the contaminated air, water and food has an adverse effect on our bodies.  Not until one get sick and suddenly realize that it is very important to keep our bodies healthy.  LaNigiro microalgae helps to remove heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and cleanse our blood.  We need to take care of our health just like we protect the Earth.  So let’s start from today, give our bodies the best organic food and be free of pollution.