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Nigiro™ Algae Tablets
Introducing Nigiro™ Algae Tablets, a new line of formulated products based on a superior strain of thermophilic chlorella called Chlorella Sorokiniana. The HIGH QUALITY Nigiro™ Algae Tablets contain a superior nutritional value and it’s naturally occurring lipids for activating alpha, beta, and gamma PPARs.

Nigiro™ Algae Tablets is an exceptional health supplement containing abundant PUFAs, or the “keys” to help balance body’s metabolism. The product is based on professional scientific research and can help anyone who is concerned about maintaining optimal health condition.

Nigiro™ Algae Tablets is formulated from microalgae with exceptional source of PUFA. These microalgae are cultivated by the world largest microalgae manufacturer so that the PUFA produced is at an optimal rate and conditions. The microalgae include Chlorella Sorokiniana, Spirulina, and Crypthecodinium Cohnii. (The Green, The Blue and The Red microalgae)


Chlorella Sorokiniana is an eukaryotic algae, with a fast growth rate (4‐16 times within 24 hours) and high PUFA content and is an important source of a PUFA‐rich microalgae. Our special strain of this thermophilic chlorella thrives in warm weather and accumulates great amounts of PUFA in its cell. Through a specially developed and formulated process, we are able to increase the digestibility of the Nigiro™ Algae Tablets to 95% by the patented broken cells wall process. (Patent 183428).


FEM‐101 Organic Spirulina is a special pure strain, rich in γ‐linolenic acid (GLA) and thus is a good source of PUFA. Proven to be anti‐viral against Influenza A & B, Enteroviruses (EV71) and Coxsackieviruses (A16). It is based on a special formula patented in USA.


Crypthecodinium Cohnii is a red algae which is an important source of DHA and other omega 3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are good for eye, brain and nervous system well‐being.

Main Ingredients

100% Pure Organic Nigiro™ Algae Tablets Powder, based on Chlorella Sorokiniana. With its naturally occurring high PPARs lipids, fatty acids, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor), Chlorophyll, SGF (Spirulina Growth Factor), Phycocyanin and enhanced with DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid or Crypthecodinium Cohnii).
100% natural contains NO added sugar, flavourings, artificial sweetener, preservatives, binding, additives or any other harmful chemicals. NO animal content.

  • A pure & perfect dietary whole food supplement. Provide a well balanced nutrition, high protein, amino acids, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, vitamins and minerals.
  • Provides essential nutrients to assist growing children and in weight loss regime.
  • Excellent addition not only to increase excess fat burning, but also for its overall anti‐oxidant and a well balanced nutrient property.
  • A perfect solution to aid in detoxification and promotes regular bowel movements.
  • Purify blood and increase blood circulation. Aid in cardiovascular and promote healthy blood pressure;
  • Regulate insulin level; reduce high cholesterol & glucose effectively.
  • Enhanced PPARs lipids also help in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, heart disease and atherosclerosis, several types of human cancers.
  • Boost immune system, increase vitality and reduce fatigue; preventing common cold, seasonal influenza flu and fight against Hand‐Foot‐Mouth‐Disease.
  • Improve innate healing ability such as stomach ulcer, liver failure, stem cell activity.
  • Reduce Eye fatigue/strainness, and dryness. Prevent Cataract. Good for night vision and prolonged PC/laptop users.
  • Build healthy brain and improve nervous system.
  • Improve overall health condition generally.


    Can be taken at anytime. Best taken before meals.
    Suitable for Vegetarian. Safe for all adults & children.


    Daily dosage
    Based on 200mg/ tablet.

    For maintenance of ultimate health condition. Adult 15‐20 tablets; Children – 7‐10 tablets.
    Take once daily; OR
    Separate the above dosage into 3 parts; take before breakfast, lunch and dinner for ultimate detoxification.
    For medical treatment patients Adult 10‐15 tablets; Children – 5‐10 tablets.
    Take 3 time per day


    What is PPARs?

    Peroxisome proliferator‐activated receptors (PPARs) are nuclear receptors (NRs) that control many cellular and metabolic processes. These proteins are ligand‐activated transcription factors and three isotypes called PPARa (alpha), PPARb/d (beta/delta) and PPARg (gamma) have been identified in lower vertebrates and mammals. All three PPARs affect energy homoeostasis and inflammatory responses. The understanding of the biology and identifying small molecule modulators of the PPARs is an active area of research and may impact chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, atherosclerosis and several types of human cancers.

    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets contains naturally occurring ligands which are PPARs activators. It works by unlocking the body's mechanism in controlling lipid, glucose, cell division, and inflammation homeostasis. In scientific terms, Peroxisome Proliferator‐Activated Receptors (PPARs) and Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) are the two key groups of molecules that regulate these health conditions. PPARs are a group of ligand‐activated receptors and are involved in mediating lipid metabolism and glucose homeostasis. Upon activation by PUFA ligands, PPARs regulate the expression of target genes involved in a variety of important physiological pathways such as lipid metabolism, insulin sensitivity, cell differentiation, inflammation, proliferation and apoptosis. In short, PUFAs are the "KEYS" and PPARs are the "DOORS". With the doors open, the body is free to produce the essential enzymes and proteins to help regain Normel homeostasis

    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets besides being a strong antioxidant, it has shown great promise as a lipid oxidizer as well as to support anti‐inflammatory action. Its main mechanism for fatty acid oxidation (fat burning) is triggered by the enzyme known as PPAR‐alpha. PPAR‐alpha (Peroxisome Proliferator‐Activator Receptor Alpha) is documented to exist in muscle, the liver and adipose tissue (fat). Nigiro™ Algae being a strong activator of this enzyme (PPAR‐alpha) is also involved in the beta‐oxidation of fatty acids while simultaneously decreasing lipogenesis, or in simple terms, the accretion of new fatty acids. In other words, PPAR‐alpha activation is directly correlated with increasing fat burning in muscle tissue.


    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets and Cholesterol & Diabetics

    Pilot clinical trials revealed a dramatic effects on Hyper‐Cholesterol and Type II Diabetes Mellitus. By double the normal dosage, Nigiro™ Alga Tablets can lower the LDL – Low density lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol while simultaneously increasing HDL ‐ High density lipoprotein (good) cholesterol levels in humans. For Diabetes mellitus, it showed improvement of their control on blood glucose level within weeks.

    Figure 1
    PPAR signaling pathways influence macrophage gene expression and foam‐cell formation. Ligand activation of PPARα and PPARγ, inhibits the development of atherosclerosis in LDLR_/_ mice. PPARα and PPARγ increase LXRα expression in macrophages and promote expression of ABCA1, which mediates cholesterol efflux to apoAI. PPARγ may also inhibit cholesterol accumulation in macrophages through direct regulation of ABCG1, which has been implicated in cholesterol efflux to HDL. Activation of each of the PPARs with selective agonists also inhibits the expression of inflammatory markers in the artery wall. These findings reinforce potential use of PPAR agonists as antiatherosclerotic therapies.

    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets and Insulin Sensitivity

    Due to Nigiro™ Algae Tabletsstrong beta‐oxidizing properties the substance can also affect leptin levels and is documented to restore insulin sensitivity in obese rodents. Insulin sensitivity is often impaired in those whose body fat levels exceed 15% and above. In more simple terms, by providing the necessary substrate; Nigiro™ Algae is believed to act as a thermostat of sorts that can regulate leptin as well as insulin levels from within the body keeping both in optimal balance.

    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets and Ketosis

    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets is a welcomed addition for those who are on ketogenic diets as it is known to increase ketone production thereby sparing lean muscle tissue that is otherwise lost through amino acid conversion, usually sacrificed to fuel the body on low carb diets. Ketogenesis (or the formation of ketones) becomes a major fuel factor on low carb (Atkins) diets as the brain cannot be driven by fatty acids and thereby relies on glucose first and ketones second. So essentially, without Nigiro™ Algae Tablets in your diet, the body will tap into muscle tissue for its ketone needs since carbohydrates are obviously kept at bay (at least in those who are on ketogenic or low carbohydrate diets).



    Nigiro™ Algae Tablets is the only pure Organic food supplement in the world to support the human being as a perfect whole food to boost immunity, increase vitality and also proven for its overall anti‐viral, anti‐oxidant and rich nutrient properties. Nigiro™ Algae Tablets shows great promise in the new era of biotechnology trend of medical treatment and with enhanced PPARs lipids, we see great health improvement for patients with chronic diseases.


    For more information about Nigiro™ Algae Tablets and up‐to‐date research data and product availability, please visit our website or contact us directly at:

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    11 Tampines Street 92, #03-11.  Singapore 528872
    Product Inquiry: +65 8321 8800
    Email: [email protected]
    Copyright © 2009 Green Energy Biotech Corporation Limited.
    Patented Copy Rights in USA since 2002
    U.S. Patent 6,346,408 “Method of allophycocyanin inhibition of enterovirus and influenza virus reproduction resulting in cytopathic effect”


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