Nucleic Acids

What are Cells?

Cells are the basic component units of all living things and are the smallest living systems that can survive independently.  The human body is formed by roughly 60 trillion cells.

Why is it said that cells have to be healthy before human body can be healthy?

Human body is formed by cells and that is just like raising 60 trillion small lives inside the organism. When every small life is healthy and lively, the human body certainty, as the big living organism can also be healthy.

What is the mark that the cell is healthy?

The essence of a cell is that it posses the ability of growth and division to produce new cells.  Every day the human body has cells that die and also at the same time give birth to new ones. The stronger the ability of the normal metabolism of this kind of cell is, indicates the healthier the cell is.

What is Nucleic Acid?

Nucleic Acid is the kernel substance of cove cell and is one of the important life macromolecules inside the cell. Because it shows acidity, therefore it is called Nucleic Acid. Nucleic Acid is the original substance that controls life from birth to death and dominates the metabolism of cell, thereby called by modern science as the "origin of life”. A nucleic acid is a complex, high-molecular-weight biochemical macromolecule composed of nucleotide chains that convey genetic information. The most common nucleic acids aredeoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). Nucleic acids are found in all living cells and viruses.

Nucleic acids are primarily biology's means of storing and transmitting genetic information, though RNA is also capable of acting as an enzyme.

Nucleic acids may be single-stranded or double-stranded. A double-stranded nucleic acid consists of two single-stranded nucleic acids hydrogen-bonded together.

RNA is usually single-stranded, but any given strand is likely to fold back upon itself to form double-helical regions.

DNA is usually double-stranded, though some viruses have single-stranded DNA as their genome.

The sugars and phosphates in nucleic acids are connected to each other in an alternating chain, linked by shared oxygens, forming a phosphodiester functional group. In conventional nomenclature, the carbons to which the phosphate groups are attached are the 3' and the 5' carbons. The bases extend from a glycosidic linkage to the 1' carbon of the pentose ring.

Hydrophobic interaction of nucleic acids is poorly understood. For example, nucleic acids are insoluble in ethanol, TCA, cold and hot water and diluted hydrochloric acid; but they are soluble in diluted NaOH, alcohol and HCl.


Nucleic acid, which rules the process of a cell from birth to death according to its active ability, controls the cell's movements i.e. the movements of human.

People take it for granted the importance of nucleic acid as the basic element of life. Just like you don't realize the role of oxygen even though you breathe all the time, we really don't understand the important role it plays when it leads the organic movements taken with food or by other means. Fortunately however, some medicine companies, cosmetic companies and powdered milk companies are using nucleic acid as food additives. China is already using it as internal medicine and injections and France as internal medicine. America active researchers are studying on using it as cancer aid, which means nucleic acid will be practically used as medical supplies. In Japan , the nucleic acid, which is approved as food, is now being studied as an immunity booster after surgeries. And for cures, medical institutions will approve taking nucleic acids.

1. Relations between Nucleic acid and Aging process
i) DNA(genes) plans the human lifespan.

In the centre of 60 trillion cells in your body, there are the same amount of DNA. The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) that is frequently mentioned currently, is the basis on all living creatures to find each inherited character. And humans have an aggregate of 60 trillion cells, and in the center of each cell in the DNA. In the DNA, all information on you is programmed to let you stay human, and the life span can be determined according to them. You can lead a healthy life up to 120 years. There is a theory that the life span encoded in the DNA is 120. If this is true and you have the right environment, it is possible to live for 120 years.

ii) When DNA is damaged, aging process promotes.

Your DNA is being continuously damaged. Human cells, except the brain cells and few others, repeat cell division, being created without stopping. But if cells are damaged by infrared rays, carcinogen of other chemicals within the body, then the cell cannot duplicate or produce wrong proteins, the immune system that protects the body goes down and causes cancers in the cell making it evident that aging process is being advanced.

iii) Decline of damaged DNA's recuperative power brings aging.

How much spare genes you have saved in the key. Everyone has the ability to recover the damaged DNA, but the slight difference in the ability connects to the differences of life span. DNA recuperative powers decline as you get older and the more spare genes you have, the higher the recuperative power.

2. Importance of In-taking Nucleic Acid

i) Why is it important to intake Nucleic Acid by food?

Nucleic Acid are produced in two different methods. The first method is using Amino Acids and others materials in liver (some in kidney) producing its own Nucleic Acid, called “de novo synthesis”. The other method is recycling the ingested Nucleic Acid, called “Selvege Synthesis”. Our body maintains certain amount of Nucleic Acid, increasing the “de novo” synthesis when the amount of ingested Nucleic Acid is not enough, and decreasing when the ingested Nucleic abundant.
However, after age 20, our liver functions weaken, including “de novo synthesis”. Therefore, we run short of DNA and RNA if we don't provide enough Nucleic Acid via food. Cells too are aging, resulting decline of metastasis and its self-recovery ability. Cell's aging process just promotes diseases. Therefore, we need to provide Nucleic Acid consciously. Especially for growing children and adolescences, various nutrient ingredients are needed to balance the various nutrient ingredient.

ii) The Way to Supplement Nucleic Acid

There is no absolute standard amount of Nucleic Acid that we need to take in, since it depends on individual's age and their health condition. However, it is necessary for us to take in Nucleic Acid by food in addition to the amount that our body produces.
What we normally have (plants and animals) includes Nucleic Acid, but the problem is the intake-efficiency. Eggs or milk have good nutrient but don't contain any Nucleic Acid, but fishes have Nucleic Acid; especially sardines which contain most Nucleic Acid. But it's also difficult to know for us how much we need to eat them in order to obtain that certain amount of Nucleic Acid. Beside, those foods, such as malts and beer yeast, are known to have plenty of Nucleic Acid, but we don't generally have them daily and there are also problem with taste and preservation. Therefore, we need to ingest Nucleic Acid as supplement nutrient food, and it's much more effective when it's taken with other nutrients especially with Vitamins B, C, and E. 

Is the component unit of nucleic acid (or called monomer) of animals and plants identical to component unit of nucleic acid inside the human body?

Identical. Just because of being identical, thus the nucleic acid after hydrolysis and digestion inside the intestines is broken into monomer to be absorbed again in order to form the nucleic acid in cells of human body.  And this is the reason that the nucleic acid can nourish the genes.

What are genetic genes?

Genetic genes, called for short as “genes” are part of the DNA's molecule. There are countless genes in the DNA's molecule and they synthesize the realization of "in hereditary feature" by guiding the synthesis of many proteins. The differences between races in their hair, color of skin, eyes and noses all are caused by differences in gene between the different races.  The so-called saying that is “one plants melon gets the melon, one plants beans gets the beans”, is also determined by the differences in their genes.

Where are the genes?

The genes are right inside the DNA's molecule. Also it can be said that the nucleic acid is the noumenon or genetic genes because DNA is a kind of important nucleic acid. One can see clearly the existence of DNA's macromolecule under the electron microscope. The gene is a respective part of various functions on DNA's macromolecule chain.

DNA, gene groups of human beings are formed accordingly by 4 kind of nucleotides, they are A (adenine), C (cytosine), T (Thymine) and G (guanine), appearing as double spiral structure, the generic codes of human beings are stored in the double chained structure. It is so called gene atlas is formed up accordingly by the letters of A,C, T, G. 

Among them, there are 30 thousand units lined up to determine genetic code, that is gene atlas of human beings.

What relation exists between gene and replenishment of nucleic acid?

The gene is part of DNA's molecule. DNA's molecule is formed by one kind of mononucleotide chain linking up with phosphodiester.  To draw an analogy, DNA is the house and a mononucleotide is the brick. The DNA house has broken down and needs repairs and renewal. That has to depend on the mononucleotide. The nucleic acid that the human body is replenished with, after digestion and absorption, becomes mononucleotide. These mononucleotides are used to mend and renew the DNA's molecules. Therefore, replenishing with the nucleic acid means nourishing the genes. 

Why it is said that "thousands of diseases are all due to gene illness"?

Majority of diseases of human beings is owing to the fact that the genes become unusual and being caused by damaged genes. Genetic abnormality and damaged genes can cause the expressed functional changes of proteins or enzymes and thus led to cancers. The most dreadful types of “cancer” also originate from changes in cancer genes or cancer repressing genes. It is so said that thousands of diseases are all due to genetic illness.

How to assure the gene to be healthy?

Replenish with nucleic acid regularly. Since the nucleic acid is the 'grain' of genes, genes need nucleic acid just like men need to have meats every day.

What is the answer to the riddle of human beings desiring to have a healthy long life?

The nucleic acid is the origin of life and when the gene is healthy, the human body will be safe. When the genes are damaged and the human body will be surrounded by hundred diseases. But when nucleic acid is sufficient, the genes will be healthy, but when nucleic acid lacks, the genes will suffer damages. By "nutrition of the origin of life", nucleic acid is used to feed the genes to be healthy to maintain human life. It can be used to prevent and cure illness, resist the pace of getting old and feeble to achieve the aim of prolonged life.

How long does the natural life-span of man has?

Modern science research proves that according to the calculation on the division cycle and dividing frequency of cell, the natural life-span of man should be 120 years-160 years old.
Why most men cannot achieve natural life-span?
The number of men and women who genuinely die naturally is extremely few. The reasons are chiefly the threat of diseases and in the final analysis, originate from organism lacking nucleic acid. This leads to the ability of gene renewal and restoration becoming feeble and eventually causing the genes to suffer damages.

Can regular replenishments of nucleic acid prolong life?

It is possible. The International Health Organization has forecasted that by the 21st century, the life-span of the human beings will prolong somewhat. The main basis is that the discovery of gene and nutrition of gene-nucleic acid.

We all eat animals and plants food every day, but why we still lack nucleic acid?

The formation of nucleic acid inside the human body depends on of way namely "synthesis from the beginning" and "remedial synthesis". After 20 years of age, the nucleic acid gained from these two ways by men cannot satisfy the need of their body. For example, adults through their daily food intakes can only absorb 0.5-1 gram of nucleic acid, but the normal metabolism needs the quantity of 2.5 grams or so. Nucleic acid gained by food Intake is "remedial synthesis". While "remedial synthesis" is becoming inadequate and "synthesis from the beginning" getting weak and reduced with increasing of age, thus most men lack nucleic acid. Especially the old, feeble and sick, owing to the lowering of their digestive and absorptive functions, are easily conditioned to lack the nucleic acid.

Can nucleic acid be synthesized in the human body by itself?

The human body possesses the ability of "synthesis from the beginning", but the ability of synthesizing nucleic acid by "synthesis from beginning" is limited. Especially after 20 years old, this kind of synthesizing ability can goes down year after year.

What are the symptoms for lack of Nucleic Acid?

The fingernail is not glossy and smooth, brown spots of skin appear early, white hairs grow early, hair drops off easily, being dreadful of wind and feel chilly, prone to catching common cold and easily get tired.  Often feeling dizzy, has anemia phenomenon, hand and foot becoming numb, sleeping problem, poor appetite etc and lots of people suffering from diseases. All these symptoms are caused by lack or nucleic acid inside the body for a long period

What are the major effects of nucleic acid?

The nucleic acid chiefly has six great matrix:

1. Reinforce the cell repairing ability of genes;
2. Promote blood circulation and improves micro circulation;
3. Improve brain function, nourishing the brain to benefit wisdom;
4. Promote metabolism and energy metabolism and resist tiredness;
5. Enhance immunity to prevent infectious disease;
6. Activate skin cells and moisturizing the skin to Improve looks.


In the aspect of strengthening the self restoration ability of gene, nucleic acid is suitable for applications against diabetes, high blood fat, fatty liver and diseases that are inherited and prevents and improves the various cancers.

In the aspect of promoting metabolism, It is suitable for anemia, anti-fatigue, skin disease, gastritis, degeneration of sexual function, wound and bone fracture healing after surgical operation, poor appetite, exhaustion and weak in strength etc.

In the aspect of enhancing immunity and preventing infectious disease; it is suitable for preventing common cold and fear symptoms caused by cold, drop in white blood cell count after chemotherapy treatment against the various tumors and diseases caused by virus and bacterial infection such as hepatitis, liver sclerosis, myocarditis, enteritis etc.

In the aspect of enhancing immunity and preventing infectious disease; it is suitable for preventing common cold and fear symptoms caused by cold, drop in white blood cell count after chemotherapy treatment against the various tumors and diseases caused by virus and bacterial infection such as hepatitis, liver sclerosis, myocarditis, enteritis etc.

In the aspect of activating skin cell and moistening the skin for facial improvement, it is chiefly suitable for hair loss and early appearance of while hair, preventing and reducing wrinkles and removing darken spots etc.

Why is nucleic acid notably effective in the treatment of cerebral thrombus sequelae?

The formation of cerebral thrombus while going through middle and old age under the circumstance of sclerosis of the cerebral artery, high blood fat and blood viscosity getting higher, the artery walls are being damaged, the interior membranes becoming rough and adding to them blood viscosity becoming stagnant, flow velocity slowing down, platelet gathering 10 form embolus on the damaged artery walls. The choked artery cavities slop the corresponding blood supply to the brain tissues making some partial brain tissues gradually losing their functions because of insufficient blood supplies.
All these cause sensory barriers, imbalance in mutual organic support, serious hemiplegia, loss of linguistic ability and even incontinence. The replenishment of nucleic acid firstly Improves circulation, improving the blood supply to the whole brain and the pathologically changed part also can get the improvement by tributary circulation; activating the fibrous protein soluble enzyme system, promoting the softening, dissolving and absorbing of the thrombus 10 promote the overall metabolism. At the same time, it improves the metabolism of brain cells and restoring the cerebrum function. Therefore it has notable effectiveness in treatment of cerebral thrombus sequelae.

Why is nucleic acid effective in treating coronary heart disease?

The coronary heart disease is caused by coronary arteriosclerosis and artery cavity becoming narrow.  In addition certain branch embolisms cause cardiac arrest and chronic blood flow deficiency which leads to coronary angina and even to lead to the cardiac muscle blood deficient necrosis, arrhythmia and heart degeneration etc. After consuming its replenishment, nucleic acid promotes cell division; renders blood production to become vigorous, improves the sclerosis condition if coronary artery and assures the provision of blood and oxygen to the cardiac muscle. It also improves cardiac muscle nutrition and energy supply.
It normalizes nucleic acid metabolism and strengthens the ability to eliminate free radicals and reduces absorption of endotoxins inside the intestines ways. It improves and coordinates the organic functions related to circulation, as well as lightens the heart burden for creating the condition for overall improvement for cardiac function.

Why is nucleic acid effective in improving liver function?

The various viral hepatitis, fatty liver etc all can cause defective liver function, liver cell death, degeneration, fibrous tissue hyperplasia and even develop liver sclerosis. Nucleotide has very good anti-virus function and thus has the function to inhibit hepatitis virus. Replenishment of nucleic acid promotes the remedial synthesis of nucleic acid and reduces the synthesis of nucleic acid from the beginning (synthesis from the beginning is an important work of liver cell and it needs a large amount of energy). It can also lighten the burden of liver cell to enable the liver to get rests. Therefore, it benefits the restoration function of the liver.

Why is nucleic acid effective against diabetes?

Diabetes is the excessive blood sugar resulting from relative or absolute deficiencies in insulin secretion inside the body. But such excessive blood sugar surpasses the kidney cutting off value, whereby the glucose follows with the urine discharge to show urine sugar. Nucleic acid can promote the synthesis of insulin acceptor; to be able to enhance the immunity of the organism. Therefore, it is effective against diabetes.

Why is nucleic acid able to improve stomach and intestines functions?

Bifidophilus in improving the stomach and bowel function is commonly called "human body street cleaner", while the nucleic acid is the growth factor of bifidophilus. It can enable bifidophilus to grow at double rate inside the body, while adjusting micro-balance inside the intestines ways at the same time promote the restoration of cell functions inside the intestines ways. Nucleic acid can promote energy metabolism. With energy, it promotes stomach and intestines wriggling and assimilation functions.


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